Clean Up Your Act (Ramiah's Book)

After watching his parents die of cancer and chronic illness, and surviving five seizures of his own, Ramiah was looking at a similar prognosis. Ramiah conducted extensive research, took responsibility for his health and made changes in food, supplements, thoughts and exercise. Ramiah has been able to turn his health around to watch his children grow up and enjoy his grandchildren in the future, which was unlikely to happen before making these changes.
Find alternative answers from someone who has actually been there.
By investing around $20 – $30, you could save yourself a great deal of money, effort and pain (not to mention time) through reading Ramiah’s easy-to-understand logic and natural solutions, whilst enjoying his tongue-in-cheek Aussie humour.
Ramiah wants to guide you towards making small, manageable changes in your lifestyle by following a simple process to cleanse your colon, detox your liver and control your weight. It is easier than you might think and won’t cost you heaps.
Available as a Softcover Book or an eBook.
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